JHF Mars 8r Super Grand Format Industrial Printer

JHF Mars 8r– super grand format UV printer. Embraced experiences from hundreds of high-end customers around the world during 11 years. Upgrade of speed, precision and stability, JHF Mars 8r is leading printer of HD lightbox and backlit film. JHF Mars 8r super grand format Industrial printer redefines the industry's standard and support you to seize market chances.

Products Details

Max printing width 5000mm
Printhead brand and model Kyocera  8c*2 / (6c+2w)*2
Curing solution High-power LED lamp
Productivity Express mode   300×1800dpi     230/200m2/h Quality mode   600×1200dpi     180/150m2/h High Quality mode   600×1800dpi     120/100m2/h Ultra Quality mode   1200×1200dpi    95/80m2/h
Substrates Lightbox PVC, backlit PET film, fabric and soft signage material
Inks UV ink
Colors C、M、Y、K、Lc、Lm、Ly、Lk、W
Connectivity PCIE
Electrical 3-phase 380 AC 25KW
Size L*W*H  8470mm*1730mm*2330mm
Machine weight 7600KG
★ True 600dpi, high-speed industrial printhead with grayscale capability, higher speed and resolution. ★ LM Guide, characterized high-precision, super-low running sound, make you enjoy peace and quiet in printing process. ★ High-positioning-accuracy metal encoder, high-performance linear motor, sealed high-precision control tech contribute superior printing resolution. ★ Highly-precise negative pressure system, cut down on wasted compressed air over 90%, effectively extend service time of air compressor. ★ With highly-precise vertical-position system, printhead carriage can be varied automatically, reducing deviations and errors caused by manual operations. ★ Automatic edge sensor on carriage enable multi-rolls printing, sharply increasing production capacity.★ 4pcs large-diameter rubber rollers minimize deflection, keep flat media and less deflection. Those rollers protect printed media surface and are capable of mass and express printing works. ★ Without physical buttons on printer body, R10000 adopt industrial PLC + touch screen. Printing task is to be completed on console. More intelligent to control each link of printer. ★ Rectangular welded frame with inner triangle ensures high strength and no deformation of printer body. ★ Each nozzle uses independent negative pressure control system to ensure stable output during printing process. ★ Full range alarm systems, such as media end sensor, edge sensor, negative pressure sensor, ink-feeding protect.★ National patented Drive-Pinch Tension Media system, combined with jumbo diameter rubber roller, ensures that every step is accurate. ★ The national patented pinch rollers obtain solid foundation of running flat media.

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