How to Use Freezer Paper to Print on Fabric - Get Creative with Your Printer! Printing your own designs on fabric can bring a unique touch to your quilt. From personal photos to custom patterns, the possibilities are endless. Learn how to use freezer paper to make this process simple and enjoyable.

2023-03-24 18:16:05 By : Mr. David Zhai
How to Print on Fabric with Freezer Paper - Quilting Digest

Printing on fabric has become increasingly popular in recent years. It provides a unique opportunity for individuals to tailor their own designs and add personal touches to their quilts. With so many gorgeous fabrics available in the market, it may seem redundant to print on fabric. Nonetheless, printing your own designs can elevate your quilts to a whole new level. Printing photos on fabric and incorporating them into your quilt projects can make for a perfect way to capture memories and add sentimental value.

To make your printing experience easier, we recommend using freezer paper. It is a low-cost and readily available product that can create impressive print results. At JHF, we have tested and fine-tuned this method for optimal printing success. Here’s how to get started:

Materials needed:
- Freezer paper
- Fabric (natural fibers such as cotton work best)
- Printer (laser or inkjet)
- Iron

1. Cut your fabric and freezer paper to your desired sizes. Make sure they are the same size as your printer paper to ensure a seamless printing experience.

How to Print on Fabric with Freezer Paper - Quilting Digest

2. With the shiny side of the freezer paper facing down, iron the paper to the fabric. This will create a temporary bond, allowing the fabric to pass through the printer without jamming.
3. Place the fabric-freezer paper sandwich into the printer tray, making sure the fabric is facing the print head.
4. Print out your chosen image or design onto the freezer paper.
5. Once the printing is finished, carefully peel off the freezer paper from the fabric.
6. If desired, heat set the print by ironing it for a few minutes.

Printing on fabric adds a unique touch to quilting projects. At JHF, we specialize in industrial printing technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, sales, and service. Our Beijing-based company has been in the business for over 20 years, and our expertise in the printing industry allows us to provide tailor-made solutions to businesses worldwide. Contact us today to learn more about our printing services and solutions.