F5900 Super wide flatbed industrial printer

JHF newly released a super wide flatbed industrial printer with optional industrial-grade head, F5900. It delivers multiple layers printing with white or varnish. In addition, its variable ink droplet technology ensures that stunning images can be printed on a variety of media with high speed. F5900 covers wide application fields, including sheet metal processing, architectural ceramics, decorative flooring, packaging paperboard and others. And it realizes the instant delivery of industrial production from customized design to terminal products.

Products Details

Multi Customized Configurations on Printing F5900 offers you different configurations on white and varnish as you need with superb adhesion, abrasion resistance and high brightness. Decreased Compressed Air by 90% Its negative pressure controlling device reduces the use of compressed air for more than 90%, improving the service life of the air compressor effectively. Unique Sub-tank Controlling Technology It prevents the ink leakage in case of sudden outage. Tri-Negative Pressure Controlling System It is respectively for white ink, color ink and varnish ink to guarantee the fluidity of every single color of ink and prolong the lifespan of head from clogging and sediment. Separate Vacuum Absorption Table F5900 owns 8 separate absorption zones on its vacuum table, in which each zone can be freely controlled based on the size of the substrate, thereby reducing energy consumption. Multi Layers Printing Multi-layers with white and varnish can be printed at the same time, right now we can support 5 layers printing. Anti-Collision Device The carriage is equipped with anti-crash media detectors. When the sensor detects the obstructions on the vacuum table, the printer will stop the carriage emergently to prevent damage to the heads and protect personal safety as well. Auto Height Adjustment Fully automatic carriage lifting system and customized motor ensure the precise positioning control of the whole platform, which meet printing demand of different heights at any point. Accurate Stepping and Spot Installed with dual servo motors for Y-axis and linear-driven motor for X-axis, the misalignment in front and rear sides can be detected, improving the stepping accuracy as well as the table accuracy.It can even be uncoated or coated on rigid media with 1200*1200dpi output, such as corrugated board, PVC, light box board, wood board, glass, tile, metal board, alec board, chevron board, etc.
Printhead Kyocera (4C+W)*2 / Ricoh G6 (2 to 8 heads) / Konica Minolta (6PL or 13PL), 6C+W (optional)
Ink Environmental UV Ink
Curing LED UV Curing
Printing Speed Kyocera (4C+W)*2

Ricoh G6 (2 to 8 heads)

KM (6PLorl3PL),6C+W
600x1200 dpi 150m2/h 720x600 dpi 45 m2/h 540x720 dpi 60 m2/h
600x1800 dpi 100m2/h 720x900 dpi 37 m2/h 540x1080 dpi 43 m2/h
  1200x1200 dpi 80m2/h 720x1200 dpi 28 m2/h 540x1440 dpi 31 m2/h
Printing Media Foam board, Acrylic, Aluminum composite panel, Glass, Wood board and other rigid materials.
Printing Size 3200 x 2000 mm
Printing Thickness 60mm
Max Bearing Weight 50 kg/m2 (uniform loading)
Interface PCIE
Carriage Driven Linear-driven printhead carriage
Rip Software PrintFactory / Caldera (optional)
Power Three phase, 380V, 11.5KW
Working Environment 18-28°C,30 -70% RH
Air Pressure >8 kg/ cm2
Machine Size 5250 mm x 2650 mm x 1500 mm
Machine Weight 1650 kg
F5900 is an ultra wide flat panel industrial UV printer launched by Jin Hengfeng. The printing size can reach 3.2m * 2.0m, and the maximum output accuracy can reach 1200 * 1200dpi. It is a leader in the field of ultra wide flat panel printing. F5900 adopts Ricoh, Konica and other industrial print heads, combined with variable ink drop technology to ensure the exquisite and full printing picture and achieve excellent printing effect. F5900 has a variety of configuration options such as white ink and varnish. It can be printed on a wide variety of media. The picture has strong adhesion, wear resistance, high brightness and a more hierarchical sense. It covers many industries such as advertising printing, plate processing, building ceramics, decorative flooring, packaging paperboard and so on. It realizes the real-time delivery of industrial production from design customization to terminal products.

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